Lighthouse Research was founded in November 2018. We manage digital assets and trade across thousands of products: all major coins and altcoins, as well as their derivatives. We have a full-scale global operation with the ability to trade on all major exchanges and markets.

With decades of experience we’ve built the most sophisticated trading systems in the crypto world.


Plain and simple, we have better trading, engineering, and operational talent than any other cryptocurrency trading firm. We have decades of experience from the best trading firms and the best technology companies.

Our experience and expertise lets us outperform the rest where it matters:

  • generating idiosyncratic trading advantages with our research, market-neutral algorithms, execution strategies, and market-making partnerships

  • developing best-in-class technology with colocation to guarantee us the best data speeds, sophisticated automated trading systems, and reliable and stress-tested risk management systems

  • establishing a solid operational framework with robust banking, legal, accounting, and exchange partnership infrastructure

  • maintaining flexibility across market regimes by analyzing market trends and developing highly expressive trading systems that can succeed in any environment

We combine our advantages in trading and market making to provide better services in each than our competition can in any.