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Market crash got you down?

We’re proud to be able to offer a portfolio that outperforms the crypto market in both times of strength and uncertainty. Our market-neutral approach is what helps drive Lighthouse’s success. Lighthouse offers exposure to Bitcoin profits while mitigating significant losses during bear markets. Lighthouse crypto futures have outperformed market-indicator BTC by 30% over the last twelve months.*

*past performance can not always be considered an indication of future performance

We do the trading, so you don’t have to

Lighthouse actively trades your crypto portfolio, reacting to market changes within milliseconds. 

If the Lighthouse algorithm detects a change in the spot price of an asset, it will immediately change your position to gain an advantage.

AI-driven actively traded portfolios, tailored to your needs.

We offer market-leading crypto portfolios with unparalleled ease of access. Using technology once only available to large hedge funds, Lighthouse puts the power back in the retail investor. Our industry-defining systems pave the way for greater access to algorithmic trading.